Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Exam Prayer

Prayer for Preparation to Study

Grant me peace, O God, as I open my books and notes. Open my mind to Thy will, and may I dedicate these hours to Thy Son, Jesus Christ.

Offer me insight, O Lord, that I might understand these things, and see them as a part of Thy Kingdom.

May I offer Thee my best in reading and learning that it may be a part of my discipleship.

O Jesus Christ, may this be a worthy time that is faithful to Thee and bring me closer to the goals I have in order to serve Thee. I offer this time and prayer in Thy holy Name. Amen.

Second Day of Exams

"Wisdom has built her house; she has hewn her seven pillars. … The first step to wisdom is the fear of the Lord, and knowledge of the Most Holy One is understanding." Proverbs 9: 1,10 (REB)

Whether I have an exam or not, incline my ear to Thy word, and open my eyes to Thy presence. It is so easy to forget that Thou art with us.

Direct my energy to the accomplishment of Thy will for me, allowing my spirit to detect the direction in which I might best be Thy disciple.

Today I find myself immersed in words, sentences, symbols and equations – whatever language which my subject uses. May they speak clearly and with distinction.

May my desk be an altar where I may lay down my life through my efforts, and dedicate it all to Thee by quickening my knowledge for Thy will to be done. Amen.

CSS Library

Final exams, good luck people!!
Hmm... does that sound famiiar. Yeap. GOOD LUCK. Do you guys really need luck in doing your exams. Isn't that a stab at your friend's confidence. Probably wishing good luck to your electrical engineering friend, do you think he needs luck in trying to solve a complex problematic mathematical question. Studying is a process, therefore it involves work, hard work, and little luck, if any. Maybe for some, saying good luck is an insult, because you've been studying hard for the whole semester, and what you get is only LUCK. Try saying "good SKILL". :)  

Celebrating the Second Sunday of Easter last Saturday, Fr. Chris on his sermont asked us whether we feel doubt in facing the upcoming final exam. *silent in CSS* Why should we. "Doubt no longer, but believe" is the statement which shines from the Gospel, the statement is also the theme for CSS Final Blessing Mass (blessing for graduating students & for us students taking exams). 

Fr. Chris : "Why doubt if preparation have been made, have faith."

Faith is a conduct or work inspired by the complete surrender to mental acceptance. By saying 10 Hail Marys before exam will not help you if didn't prepare.  

In James 2:14-16, we show our faith by our works. Faith is when preparation have been made and applying it during exam, with this, we no longer have doubt in entering the exam hall, but believe we can answer the question with confidence.

So, friends ALL THE BEST in your finals!!!

Some shots of members studying at CSS.


CSS ada pantry kicil. Uik, kalo mo minum mau derma sepuluh sin kaitu?

1. Lissa with her RECYCLE final year project.
2. Last revision before tomorrow's paper for Irene.
3. Cotton, taking a 5 minutes nap. Skali sampai jam 8 pagi pula kan.
4. Er.. Pa ko buat tu Kaleb, oh.. movie.

1. Elvin, Rayner & Adam, their discussion is all about harmony, notes, music, etc.
2. Reserved for smoking studying students. Waha.
3. Rolland, practising his conducting skill. Yea, another music student. 

Prayer in a Time of Anxiety

When I am truly anxious, O God, remind me of my love of Your Son, Jesus Christ. May I realize that I will not be abandoned, but am accompanied always by Him. 

Dispel any sense of self-concern, and remind me that others are feeling the same tensions, which is only natural in times of stress. 

Grant me insight , God of Wisdom, to see the things that have been taught, to understand them in unfolding story of Your Creation, and our place within it. 

May I lay my head down to rest confident that You are always with us, through the love and affection of Your Son, Jesus Christ, my Redeemer and Lord. Amen.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


9th April 2009
8.00pm Mass
9.30pm ADORATION - Bahasa Malaysia Apostolate
10.00pmADORATION - Mandarin Apostolate
10.30pmADORATION - Tamil Apostolate/Tamil BECs
11.00pm ADORATION - BECs - English

10th April 2009
12.30pm Way of the Cross
1.00pm Good Friday Service
2.30pmDM Novena - Day 1 (venue : St Faustina Hall)
Today, bring to Me all mankind, especially all sinners
3.30pm Way of the Cross
7.30pm Way of the Cross
8.00pm Good Friday Service

11th April 2009
2.30pmDM Novena - Day 2 (venue : St Faustina Hall)
Today, bring to Me the souls of priests and religious
9.00pm Easter Vigil

12th April 2009
10.00amMass - English
2.30pmDM Novena - Day 3 (venue : St Faustina Hall)
Today, bring to Me all devout and faithful souls

Mon. 13th Apr.098.00pm DM Novena - Day 4
Today, bring to Me those who do not believe in God and those who do not yet know me.
Tue. 14th Apr.09DM Novena - Day 5
Today, bring to Me the souls of heretics and schismatics
Wed. 15th Apr.09DM Novena - Day 6
Today, bring to Me the meek and humble souls and the souls of little children.
Thur. 16th Apr.09
DM Novena - Day 7
Today, bring to Me the souls who especially venerate and glorify My mercy.
Fri.17th Apr.09 7.15pmDM Novena - Day 8
Today, bring to Me the souls who are in the prison of purgatory
8.00pm Mass - English (Sharing by Dr Irene Fernandez)
Sat. 18th Apr.09 10.30amMass - English (Golden Parishioners)
4.45pm DM Novena - Day 9
Today, bring to Me souls who have become lukewarm
6.00pmMass - English
DIVINE MERCY SUNDAY 19th Apr 098.00amMass - Mandarin
9.30amMass - Bahasa Malaysia
11.15amMass - English (Sharing by YB Teresa Kok)
1.00pmDivine Mercy Devotion / Confession
3.15pmMass - English
5.30pmMass - Tamil

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GOOD FRIDAY - 6.20pm

EASTER VIGIL - 8.00 pm


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