Monday, April 26, 2010

Have faith

I still remember Fr. Chris' homily at CSS House on Final Blessing & Farewell mass 2008. His homily was about exam preparation. He starts off by asking us question, "what do you wanna be?" And one answered 'I wanna be a successful person in the future', the Fr. replied, 'why wanna be succesful person in the future? Why not now'. Wow! Living is about NOW. (Tiba2, teringat lagu Chris Daughtry)When Fr, says have faith in our studies, he further said that faith comes with action. And action is when we have done our preparation long before exam. Because, faith without action is DEAD. Same goes if action only, without praying.. kan.. So, to conclude. The 'NOW' attitude coupled with having 'FAITH'(+ action) = success. (Theory sa la...). 'Now' is already an action bah kan.. Hm..

So dear fellow CSSian, let's do our best in the exam


Sunday, April 25, 2010

CSS Night : A success

CSS Nite 2010 was organized sucessfully. Thanks to all who come and support. Ms Monica, Mr. Alfred, Bro. Lamhot, Alumni of CSS, KUBM, MSU, LEYP, SAMSTERZ, and to all members of CSS SA of course. To all EXCO and team of organizer, thumbs up to all of us. Its all because of GOD's work within us, and becoz of our teamw......ork. Keep it ups. Keep praying, love and hope...~

Grand opening, Peacemaker Band playing the 'Careless Whisper'

Ms. Monica (CSS SA advisor) and son, Aaron

A get together, Vice President & President 2008/2009

Mc Dawson (President 2009/2010) and Mr Harry Benet (Ex-Housetenant)'

Opening performance by Timothy Jim Anthony

They just can't stop the sumazau

Yam Seng by CSS MSU friends

It's all about food and taking pictures

The masters of ceremony with musician bergabung