Wednesday, August 12, 2009

ICG Alert!

ICG is coming! Are you prepared? Have you prepare the fees?

Good thing is we are half-sponsored by CDM so instead of RM129.50, we only have to pay RM65! Yes, RM65!

If you are wondering, what is that RM129.50 for, it is for the fees, t-shirt, and the bus fees which is RM54.50 per head.

RM54.50 for the bus fee is considered cheap you know. If you buy bus ticket to Johor from the bus station, you will be paying RM68 (to and fro).

But fortunately, CDM has agreed to pay half of the expenses for each participant! Thanks to CDM.

So the main problem now is the bus driver asked for 50% deposit. So, what we should do now is to pay RM30 first. The RM30 per head is urgent. I'm so so sorry for the late notice. But I beg you (yes I really beg you!) to pay that RM30 quickly. If you cannot come to the CSS house to give Decimus the money, pass it to anyone who go there.

If possible, please do so before this Sunday. I know there would probably be no mass this Saturday, but please try your best to pay that RM30 before Sunday.

For those who are at Seksyen 17/INTEC, you could give me the money. We could meet at the TESL square. My number is 016 8474352. I will give the money to Decimus later.

From deep inside my heart, I apologize for the late notice and for the inconvenience. Thank you for your cooperation! Thank you very much!

God Bless You.

Angelina Albinus

p/s: Please spread the words.

Good News for all Inter Campus Gathering (ICG) participant

Suppose the exact fees for ICG is RM130 include food, transport, place to stay and ICG t-shirt. We just mention RM75 because we try to make proposal and gain help from our CDM parish to cover the other payment. The proposal that we propose to CDM parish has been approve by Fr. Paulino Miranda. Hence, now the new fees for ICG is RM65. We really appreciate his helped to cover the other payment and a lot of thanks for supporting us to join this gathering.

We now allow and encourage CSS UiTM member to join this gathering and maximum up until 100 people.


Date: 19(sat) - 22(tue) September 2009
Venue: Majodi Centre, Johore
Theme: Our religion As "In Thing" (ORAIT) Fees: RM65.00 Last Payment: 31st August 2009
Contact: 0138939614 (Decimus B)

Monday, August 10, 2009


Shallom everybody!!

CSS UiTM SA is organizing a futsal tournament! So gather your teammates and train!! Below are the details;-

Date : 30 August 2009, Sunday
Venue : Sports Planet, S. 16 Shah Alam.
Time : 8.30am - 2pm
Closing date : 26 August 2009

Rules & Regulations

1. Game period : 10 minutes (5 minutes per side)
2. Players : Minimum 5 players per team, maximum 7 players.
3. Open to all CSS members, Christian students and Alumni CSS UiTM SA especially Sabahan and Sarawakian. Male and female.
4. Fees : RM 55 per team.


Champion : Trophy and Medals
1st Runner up : Silver medals
2nd Runner up : Bronze medals
3rd place : Bronze medals
4th place : Bronze medals

Get the registration form from CSS, or email your team name, which CSS are you from (ie. UiTM, MSU, INTEC, UM, UPM, ALUMNI etc), the name and contact number of the manager and captain, the players name and IC number.

Please submits your registration form as soon as possible.
Contact person : Paul Himlearn 013-8457015
Chandran Moden 019-8065251
Aleziana Carolina 019-3798870


DATE: 16th August 2009 (SUNDAY)

PLACE: Bukit Cerakah

TIME: 8.30 a.m. - 4.30 p.m.

THEME: CSS Outing Day

FEE: RM7.00

ACTIVITY: Games, Praise n Worship, Ice Breaking....,,

For more information please contact this number: 0138939614 (mus)

We CSS UiTM SA are encouraging all the CSS member to join this family day. Our objective to do this activity is to get closer with you all and we are gather as one family with full of friendship. Based on CSS UiTM term 09/10 theme "A vibrant Christ-centred Family" ,our life is full with friendship for everyone, we use our brain to think, aspire and share...with power, we will able to do anything based on what god plan to each of us. If you want to know more what will happen during that day...fell free and come join us.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Calling all CSS alumni & generous benefactors.

I have been appointed as the President of CSS UiTM for this coming term. I would like to appeal to all graduates and students alike to donate to our CSS fund for the purchase of a projector and a grass cutter. We, the CSS UiTM are in need of 2 equipments :

Projector and screen cost RM 1999.

The purpose of having this equipment is to be use for mass & gathering. As you can see in the picture, CSS UiTM still use the same OHP which have been used for so many years. Note the fan beside the OHP, an extra fan is needed to avoid the OHP being heat up quickly. It can only stand about 10 minutes, and we have to conduct less praise and worship because the OHP couldn't operate for a long time. The advantage is, we can save cost of papers.

Grass Cutter RM 300

The purpose to get grass cutter is to keep CSS house looking clean and tidy, and to save CSS house maintenace money, because the current payment for cutting grass is RM 40.

If you are interested to donate, please bank into Maybank A/C No: 112482122396 under the name of Monica Ch'ng Eng Chin, please email or contact her once you banked in the amount.

H/p: 019-3498908

Please pass this message to other CSS graduates & friends of our Society.

Thank you & God bless you for your generosity.

McDawson Ak Dewk
President 2009/2010

Monday, August 3, 2009

Suka suka Day yay!

Welcome back to UiTM everybody!!

Make sure you guys wash your hands all the time and stock few packets of tissues in your bag; because H1N1 is still wandering you don’t know where. This matter became serious that our semester break was bring forward, (hopefully we can make it to ICG~).

So update on last semester break, our fellow CSS EXCOs had organised a ‘Suka suka Day’ to Bukit Cerakah. [All on our own expenses yar]

The idea came out from Edna, or Amanda..? Either one, I think it’s Amanda, because how she keep on admiring the previous EXCOs (2007/2008) brilliant cycling activity at Bukit Cerakah. 16 of us, consist of CSS house tenants, ex EXCOs, EXCOs and few new members, gather at CSS at 9am, after having our breakfast (thx to Edna and Irene again, for their ‘kerajinan’ in spreading the bread with Kaya & Marjerin), off we go to Bukit Cerakah by taxi. The fare was RM10. The entrance cost us only RM3, RM 5 for new bicycle, RM 3 for old ones, and RM1 for the next subsequent hour.

This unplanned activity was fun! Sometimes we need a relax atmosphere together, just forget about work, get out and have some quality time together, and to appreciate the God-given spiritual family. In 1 Corinth 12:12. Christ is like a single body, which has many parts; it is still one body, even though it is made up of different parts. The bible says we are put together, joined together, built together, members together, heirs together, fitted together, and held together, and will be caught up together. You’re not on your own anymore.

by Florence Linus, Vice Secretary 2009/2010.

Welcoming Gathering 2009

Shallom kawan-kawan semua,

Selamat kembali ke dari cuti!!

Sudah 1 minggu sejak Welcoming Gathering kita berlalu kan. Jadi apa perasaan kamu? Kalau ada dari kamu yang ingin menghantar testimonial tentang perasaan kamu, atau mungkin ada apa2 yang kamu tersentuh dari aktiviti2 yang telah dijalankan pada hari itu. Jangan malu2, tulis saja comment kamu. Jangan lupa nama ya! :D
Photographer , Adam.

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