Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Welcome Juniors!!!

Shalom my brothers and sisters in Christ. In every beginning of new term in CSS-SA, (Catholic Student Society) WELCOMING GATHERING will be the kick off of all activities. The objective of Welcoming Gathering, is to welcome and greet the juniors, the freshies, new comers to our community in Shah Alam. Besides that, also an opportunity for the senior members, ex-excos, super-duper seniors or ex-excos to come and gather and hang out, associate or socialize to strengthen the bond between each members and the society can stay even after graduation.

The previous welcoming gathering is usually a whole day event, which starts from 8.30am untill 4.00pm. Where the event will start with opening prayer and action song. After that there will be ice breaking and also games was held for the juniors & seniors to mingle around. There will also be some talk from Father, the founder and the Headman of CSS House to talk on the history, importance and services offered by CSS UiTM SA. After some group performances, the event ended with photo session. Here are some pictures of the previous welcoming gathering. Click the photo to enlarge ya!

That was history now. But no worries, because we’ll be having this term’s Welcoming Gathering this 2nd August 2008, Saturday. This time, we’ll not make it a whole day thing but we need only 4 hours of your time for you juniors to get to know us and to meet other friends from Sabah & Sarawak. In addition, there will be BBQ and performance awaits you, and it’s free of charge!! So make yourself free on that day and bring along your Sabah Sarawak Christians friends together.

And this gathering is not only for juniors, but also for seniors! If before this you joined our activities before and the suddenly you stop joining us, aah!! I know the reason, teda kawanlah apalah, hey, that's what we're here for. For berkawan2, as well as to strengthen our faith with the support of this community. We also need you to share your experience, he dos and the don't living in Shah Alam.