Friday, January 16, 2009

The Song of Bernadette

Last friday on 9th January, Friday-In-Togetherness (FIT) activity recommence and the activity was MOVIE DAY! Yup. Sister Anita showed us The Song of bernadette, and here are thee synopsis.

The Song of Bernadette is a 1943 film which tells the story of Saint Bernadette Soubirous, who, from February to July 1858 in LourdesFrance, reported 18 visions of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It was directed by Henry King.

The movie was adapted by George Seaton from a novelization of Bernadette's story, written by Franz Werfel. The novel was published in 1942 and was extremely popular, spending more than a year on the New York Times Best Seller list and 13 weeks atop the list.


On an errand with her sister Marie (Ermadean Walters) and school friend Jeanne (Mary Anderson) to collect firewood outside the town of Lourdes, Bernadette Soubirous (Jennifer Jones} is left behind when her companions warn her not to wade through the cold river by the Massabelle caves for fear of taking ill. About to cross anyway, Bernadette is distracted by a strange breeze and a change in the light. Investigating the cave, she finds a beautiful lady standing in brilliant light, holding a pearl rosary. She tells her sister and friend, who promise not to tell anyone else, but of course they do, and the story soon spreads all over town.

Many, including Bernadette's Aunt Bernarde (Blanche Yurka), believe her and stand up for her with her disbelieving parents, but Bernadette faces civil and church authorities alone. Repeatedly questioned, she stands solidly behind her outlandish story and continues to return to the cave as the lady has asked. She faces ridicule as the lady tells her to drink and wash at a spring that doesn't exist, but digs a hole in the ground and uses the wet sand and mud. The water begins to flow later and exhibits miraculous healing properties. The lady finally identifies herself as "the Immaculate Conception". Civil authorities try to have her declared insane, while the Church wants a formal investigation to find out if Bernadette's a fraud, insane, or genuine. They conclude that her experiences are real.

Vincent Price and Jennifer Jones in a scene from The Song of Bernadette

Bernadette prefers to go on with an ordinary life, work, and possible marriage, but because she has seen the Virgin Mary, she is forced to take the veil instead. She is subjected to normal although rigorous spiritual training and hard work, but also emotional abuse from a cold and sinister novitiate director (a positively cadaverousGladys Cooper) - her former teacher at school, who is skeptically jealous of all the attention Bernadette has been receiving as a result of the visions.

Bernadette is diagnosed with tuberculosis of the bone, which causes intense pain, yet she has never complained or so much as mentioned it. The novice mistress, for whom pain and suffering are the only path to holiness, realizes Bernadette's saintliness, begs for forgiveness in the chapel, and becomes an ally of Bernadette. Knowing she is dying, Bernadette sends for Bishop Peyramale (Charles Bickford), the fatherly cleric from Lourdes who once doubted her and later became her staunchest ally, and tells him of her feelings of unworthiness and her concern that she will never see the lady again. But the lady appears in the room, smiling and holding out her arms. Only Bernadette can see her, however, and with a cry of "I love you!", she reaches out to the apparition, and falls back dead.

Sister Lucia giving her first speech.

Makan nasi goreng sambil tinguk movie.

The next F.I.T activity is PRAISE & WOSHIP for Annual Camp. (oo. which is today pula tuh)

Stick no bill
New curtain.
Luar belum cat.
Cat sudah dibeli.
Cuba teka apa yang hilang. Ya. Itu Atap. and notice the frame.
Bye atap.

Oh. ada sarang burung.

Friday, January 9, 2009


There will be a mass on this SATURDAY (10/1/2009) which will be held at 6.00p.m.



CSS House is also known as Santa Maria Villa who initiated by Harry Benet, ex CSS Exco and tenant. CSS for the first time organize this thanksgiving celebration as a mark of respect to Mother Mary who pray for us constantly. The celebration will be help after MASS and all are welcome.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Painting the house

Thanx to all the alumni for the fund contribution for CSS House maintenance, and especially to our advisor, Ms Monica for her unending support to maintain CSS House. We're unable to hire contractors to paint the house because of insufficient fund, so here are the excos helping to paint the house. A big thank you too to Kiw, Elvin, Jeremy, Ronie, Laluk and all who had helped in painting the house during semester holidays!!!!
Mimang diurang cat terrer dari professional nie.

CSS House maintenace update:

1. We have not yet paint the outside part of the house, but will do it every saturday & sunday. Feel free to come and join us painting the house if you're bored, sbb urang bilang ramai2 lagi siok kan cat.

2. We're still waiting for the new CSS NOTICE BOARD.

3. CSS have a new red curtain covering the front wall.

4. Ms. Monica gave a new order not to stick any papers, notices etc on the wall. (Dinding baru mah)

The Gotong Royongs


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Because She's Our Mother too...

Shallom everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This semester’s activity start off with the activity Santa Maria thanksgiving celebration, which will be held on Friday, 9 March 2009. 

CSS House also known as Santa Maria Villa and therefore we're organizing a thanksgiving celebration as a mark of respect to Mother Mary who pray for us constantly.

*Rosary Prayer
*Sing along
*Exchange gift

P/s: There will be an exchange gift activity, so don't forget your present!! :8)

Date : 9 Jan
Time: 7.30pm to 9.30pm

For more info contact HARRY at 0148866844

Thursday, January 1, 2009



New Year day is all about heading towards a fresh start of another year, leaving the present year behind. May this year mark the beginning of a year of pleasure and discovery for all of you. May each day hold something special, that is wonderful and

Happy New Year!!!!

Let's take a peep for this semester activities..

9th January - St. Mary feast Day. 
18 January - 3 in 1 Welcoming Gathering
CNY Holiday - Annual Camp
March - Charity Visit

So!!!!! Make yourself free on each date. 
Don't forget bring in all thhe juniors!!!!


F.I.T - Sharing with Sister Anita

Friday in Togetherness - Bible Reflection